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Certified with a Virginia Class A license, our team is committed to making your dream home come true.
Class A License


Certified with a Virginia Class A license,
 our team is committed to making your dream home come true.
Class A License

More than a team, we are a family. We understand the business from the clients’ perspective. We know all the details you want when constructing a new home and what it means to you.

We have been there and understand how tiresome remodeling can be, and understand how challenging it is to decorate those spaces to make them match your dreams.

With time and experience, we designed a service that will let us accompany you in this joyful process of building your new home.

Changing doesn’t have to be stressful, it’s just a sign that you are moving forward. You deserve to evolve, to know what should stay and what to improve to make life more comfortable and safe.

We know how exciting and overwhelming it is to start a project. Let us take care of the overwhelming and just get excited about how much better things will get when this is done.

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Let the results do the talking

Our clients are most important to us. Knowing that your project will be a testimony to your way of life, a calm relaxing corner of the world where a family can feel at ease.

We fulfill this desire based on ‘nothing is missed, nothing is spared’. A perfect balance in architecture, interior decoration, and urbanism.

From beginning to end, our team has the studies, preparation, and over +8 years of experience to build a dream that ties to you, your loved ones, and your environment.

We get extraordinary results because our team works together as one, our interior decorations fit perfectly in your architectural design and physical space because it is considered as a whole from the beginning.

We inspire the same attitude to our builders, employees, constructors, and providers so that everyone will respect your place and privacy while working. Everything goes smoothly until we finish and give you the key to your dreams.

Facade Drake St

This was one of our projects that were completed and then sold.

Who We Are

LUKA BUILDERS is a class-“A”-licensed custom home builder based in Vienna, Virginia. Our services cut across home renovation, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, interior designing, and cabinet products.

We design and build your dreams and make them come true by matching your expectations. At LUKA BUILDERS, we understand how overwhelming it is to stick to a budget while creating innovative spaces that meet the demands of a modern luxury home, retain the best parts of the past, and integrate future trends. Hence, as your trusted luxury home builder McLean, Arlington, and Clifton, our mission is to hand over the keys to your newly completed home construction or remodeling project, having met your custom demands down to the tiniest detail at a budget cost.

You can count on our dedicated professionals at LUKA BUILDERS to make this happen. With over 20 years of combined experience and a core focus on customer satisfaction, our teams of interior designers, architects, and project managers surely have the level of craftsmanship not only to create harmony and comfort but also to organize a living space that brings an intangible pleasant experience to your household.

Most importantly, we are established as a family business owned by a couple. Our quality service remains our family heritage. So you can trust our never-ending commitment to your satisfaction and building a long-term relationship with you.


Our dedication to bringing smiles to the faces of families and households in Vienna, McLean, Clifton, and Arlington, VA drives us not only to build quality homes but also lasting relationships with our clients — something you don’t get from most custom home builders.

Here are a few reasons you’ll want us to handle your next home construction or renovation project:

  • Outstanding professionalism and client-focused approach from our highly experienced team
  • A multidisciplinary team that complements each other at what each does best
  • Direct interaction with our customers to understand their unique needs, tastes, and requirements
  • A lump-sum pricing strategy that protects you from spending extra money
  • Aesthetic appeal, functionality, trendiness, and durability are guaranteed from our hand-selected materials that meet the best industry standards.
  • On-time execution and completion of projects


“It is in the roots, not the branches,
that a tree’s greatest strength lies.”

As Virginians, we are deeply fond of our traditions and inspired by our colonial roots. To preserve them, we elaborated the perfect formula to provide a sense of contemporary homes with all the advantages and modern luxury, mixing the best past, present, and future realms.


A vanguard modern place that doesn’t sacrifice the past.


You want a beautiful place to stay and linger, a place that feels safe, elegant, and cozy. A place that feels professionally designed, but still effortlessly balanced and relaxed.


Let us help create friendly and familiar spaces where you can feel free to stay many hours and not leave home, or if you leave home, spaces you will miss and wish to return. HOME in capital letters; your own paradise.

Values CDB Tradition


Let us worry, you enjoy.

We are not like any other build and design company, we are Custom Home Builders. From the moment we start a project, we treat it as a unique work of art. We gather our team with diverse professional knowledge and plan the architectural design by understanding what you want, what you dream, what inspires you, from the first to the last piece of decoration and furnishing.

Carefully blending styles and with exquisite taste, we focus on the quality of the materials and your security during the design process. We study and define the areas and lines of your space, and carefully arrange materials and elements to create a pleasant atmosphere that finds motion, direction, and distills energy.

Passion, our motivation to listen to you: our client. To learn your needs, be able to design what you want in your space. That’s a powerful feeling for a creator, it’s like magic. To satisfy is a goal, and to achieve it, our satisfaction.

Build a home for a family to be happy spending most of their time, it’s like part of building their memories is a priceless part of their story.

Are you ready to build your dream home?
Do you want to give a fresh look to an actual place you’re living in?
We’d love to work with you.



You deserve nothing but the best.

Our love for art is deeply linked to our problem-solving capacity, being able to create and build innovative spaces. We are committed to finding every detail that will make your life more beautiful, more useful, easier.

With vast experience in diverse projects ranging from restaurants to family homes, we understand that you don’t have to give up harmony for comfort. On the contrary, in LUKA BUILDERS, we have the ambition, creativity, and professionalism to make both happen: a physical space that brings an intangible pleasant experience.

We personally handpick every material to be high-quality, durable, and that adjusts to your taste and budget. Even though building and remodeling seem to be done in the same way, how we do it will produce a unique result, especially crafted for you.

Sunrise – Vienna

The Process

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The Process - Luka Builders

Step 1

Contact us and send pictures of the landscape or space to rebuild or remodel. Through an interview, we will assess what are your needs and preferences, defining a true identity. We have the expertise to make your vision turn into reality.

Step 2

After gathering all the information about space, design concepts from your requirements, we create a design mockup. Once it’s ready, we invite you to validate and discuss the concept and to refine details based on your feedback. Then, we define measures, materials, and finishings.

Planning building strategy
Design planning

Step 2

After gathering all the information about space, design concepts from your requirements, we create a design mockup. Once it’s ready, we invite you to validate and discuss the concept and to refine details based on your feedback. Then, we define measures, materials, and finishings.

Project budgeting

Step 3

We present you the whole project and budget. When you are 100% satisfied with the new Design / Interior Decoration, we start to work.

Our Reputation Speaks For Us

Building your new custom home is a process that must be followed with core attention to specific details. At LUKA BUILDERS, we are right beside you at each step of the way; whether in the preconstruction phase, construction phase, or post-construction phase. With over 10 years in the industry, and having satisfied over 224 customers, our reputation is built on 5-star referrals and positive feedback from our past clients. So it is not just a promise to provide you with outstanding value; it’s also a guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to build a house in McLean VA?

The price of building a basic home starts at $220 the SQF and the price can go up based on the finishes you are looking to have in your home.

2. What Is The Best Time To Build A House?

Although you can decide to start your new home construction project at any time of the year, the best-known season for construction is during the spring. This is largely due to the conducive weather condition, faster timeline, and better opportunities for landscape installation. Besides, most McLean builders insist that building during the spring generally results in fewer delays in the building process.

3. How Much Is The First Consultation For A Luxury Home Builder in McLean?

Some home builders in McLean typically charge consultation fees. However, talking to a CDB professional about home construction services for the first time is completely FREE.

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When life improves, so do we.

Trustworthiness, reliability, and responsibility are familiar words to us.

We look far beyond the materials and final results to provide you a sense of good living rather than a house, of success rather than delivery, of achievement rather than a business.

Every detail merges into each other and belongs. Balance, harmony, rhythm, and color will be the reflection of your personality, your tastes: the reflection of who you are.

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