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Cabinet Supplies

Cabinets are a vital part of every home, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or any other space. The right kind of high-quality cabinets affect not only the look and style of your home but can also significantly impact the functionality of your living spaces.

For these reasons, you must pick the cabinet supplies and hardware for your needs. When designing a new kitchen or remodeling a bathroom, having a clear idea of what kind of cabinetry you want can help you save time, money, and nerves.

Here are the most essential things you should consider when creating your cabinet wishlist.

What Are Cabinet Supplies?

Before you start choosing items and products, you need to know what cabinet supplies are. Simply put, cabinet supplies and hardware include all the parts your cabinets rely on to function.

The list of cabinet supplies includes, among others:

  • Cabinet doors
  • Knobs and handles
  • Hinges
  • Drawer slides

These are all essential components when designing brand-new kitchens and other rooms. Without them, you simply wouldn’t be able to use your new cabinets. After all, how can you open cabinet doors without hinges?

A lot of the time, many cabinet components remain out of sight. For example, hinges and drawer slides are often hidden inside the cabinet structure. They still play a crucial role in the functionality of your cabinets, so it’s important to choose them carefully according to your needs.

But updating cabinet hardware can be a great way to breathe new life into an older home without having to spend a fortune. Simply swapping the handles on your cabinets can change the look of the kitchen or bathroom. You can even turn hidden cabinet components, like hinges, into delightful, eye-catching interior decoration elements by installing decorative hinges.

What to Look for When Choosing Cabinet Supplies

A detailed plan for your cabinetry carries many benefits. First, it can help you when shopping for cabinet parts. You can pick the manufacturers that offer the styles you want on a budget you can afford.

Second, you can avoid delays in your renovation project by ordering supplies well ahead of time and picking fast shipping options. Finally, when you know what your cabinets will look like, you can account for them when choosing other interior elements for your home.

Let’s go over some things that can help you when creating a cabinetry plan.

Overall Style

Before you order any cabinet supplies, decide what the general style of the space will be. This basic guideline makes it easier to narrow down your options. Some common styles people aim for with a remodeling project include:

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Rustic
  • Industrial
  • Eccentric

Door Style and Finish

After you’ve decided on the overall style, it’s time to consider what kinds of doors you want for your cabinets and drawers. Plain wood textures and colors suit a rustic or traditional kitchen. Meanwhile, a modern bathroom will probably benefit from painted, sleek cabinet doors.

Cabinet doors are likely to be the most expensive part of your cabinet project. Choosing their style early on can help you look for special deals and stick to a budget.

Knobs and Handles

The type of handles can affect your cabinets’ usability a great deal. They also immensely impact the look of your cabinets, so choose the handles carefully. Some common handle types include:

  • Knobs
  • Pull handles
  • Cremone bolts
  • Latch handles

Another thing to consider with handles is their color and finish. The style and finish of the handles should complement the doors to create a unified and beautiful look.

Latch Type

The latch type can determine how easily you can open your cabinets. In general, cabinet latches fall into two categories.

Magnetic latches consist of a small metal plate on the door or cabinet frame that catches onto a magnet. They are cheap, last a long time, and can make the cabinets easier to open.

Spring roller latches feature a metal prong on the door that slides between two tight rollers on the cabinet frame. They make the doors latch a bit more tightly and can provide extra security — especially if you have small children in your home.

Hinge Type

The hinges, of course, fasten the doors to the cabinet frame and allow them to swing open. The most important decision is choosing whether you want decorative or concealed hinges. This choice will make a big difference in the look of the cabinets.

You should also consider if you want any specialty hinges, such as self-closing or soft-close hinges. Finally, the size and weight of the doors will determine how many hinges you need per door.

Drawer Slides

Nobody likes sticky drawers that you have to pry open with force. Choosing the right kind of drawer slides helps them slide open effortlessly. The most common slide types are roller and ball-bearing slides.

Roller slides consist of a pair of tracks that slide into each other, supported by plastic wheels. You can mount them on the sides or the bottom of a drawer. They’re a good and cheap option for lightweight drawers.

Ball-bearing slides consist of metal rails that glide along on ball bearings — as the name implies. They’re sturdy and quiet, which makes them a better option for heavy drawers. However, as a premium product, they are more expensive.

Your High-Quality Cabinet Supplies in Virginia

Once you have your shopping list, it’s time to pick a reliable cabinet supply provider. CBD is here to help you remodel your Virginia home.

Our team of interior design experts will guide you through the entire project. From taking measurements and choosing the right kind of hardware to ensuring everything is installed correctly, we offer great customer service and professional advice.

We pride ourselves in delivering only the best quality service and products. That’s why we partnered with CNC Cabinets to provide the right balance of usability and beauty.

To learn more about our cabinet supplies and hardware services, check out the rest of your website or call us at 703-340-0771.

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