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Everyone deserves a place to call home. A space that suits their taste, lifestyle, and daily routines. A building that is specially constructed to make life more comfortable for them and their household. And they don’t have to break the bank to achieve this dream! 

At Luka Builders, we don’t only help you accomplish this undertaking but also follow straightforward procedures that simplify the whole process. You only have to give us an idea of what you want and watch us bring that idea to life. 

From your feedback and experience, we gather all that is required to transform your dream into a tangible project that is designed specifically for you. 

Our custom home design services also involve supporting you during each stage of your project, from designing your house plans to integrating those final details that effectuate the uniqueness of your home.

Class a license

Class A

Licensed Constructors

Have you ever dream of a house that was built or customized just the way you wanted? We help you make this dream come true.

From your feedback, tastes, and experience, we gather all the requirements to transform this dream into a real project that is designed especially for you. We can provide you support during any stage of your project; from designing your house plans to the final details that give that special touch to make it a unique experience.

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That Special Place

You and your loved ones deserve that special place to spend most of your time together; a time and place that will witness all those amazing moments and build beautiful memories.

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Why Is It Important To Design First?

Whether interior or exterior, the importance of designing your home cannot be overestimated. Designing helps you eliminate virtually every uncertainty during the planning process. This is because you get to make early decisions on the style, architectural design, materials, furnishing, and every other important aspect of the project. As a result, it becomes easier to manage the space while maintaining functionality and overall aesthetics.

This approach will not only help you achieve your dream before it comes true but will also reduce the incidence of unexpected costs.

Another key importance of designing is that it helps you integrate those unique features tailored to your personality and lifestyle, thereby improving your mood and making you feel at home.

Designing is also very important for safety reasons! Lack of necessary safety measures can result in injuries to children, especially when they are home alone playing around fragile and dangerous installations in the house. A well-designed house with adequate safety measures would guarantee that all the interior installations and equipment are well placed and dangerous ones placed out of children’s reach.

Why Choose LUKA BUILDERS For your Custom Home Design Project?

Luka Builders is NOT just another home construction company eager to complete as many projects as possible. We offer a lot more because your satisfaction is our priority.

That’s why we adopt a straightforward procedure that involves you at each step of the way. Our ultimate goal is not only to deliver the best quality out of your home design and meet your custom demands but also to build a strong, lasting relationship with you even after completing your project. To us, you are not just a customer but our family as well. Hence, you can count on our never-ending support and follow-up services.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, and having satisfied over 224 customers, our reputation is built on 5-star referrals and lots of positive feedback from our past clients. So it is not just our promise to deliver you outstanding value; it’s a guarantee! You can check out our portfolio of completed projects that have turned our past clients into a family.

LUKA BUILDERS is a class-“A”-licensed custom home builder, meaning you can trust that your project is in good hands — no matter the size or budget! Besides, with our 20 years of combined experience, you can count on our interior designers, architects, and project managers to have the level of craftsmanship to deliver your custom home project to the best effect.

We will go beyond your expectations to deliver you and your family a comfortable home out of a custom home design that fits your lifestyle in all ramifications. We consider everything about you when mapping and executing your building plan; from your bathroom and kitchen routines to your bedroom and living room activities. 


Our standards of outstanding services for every client include, 


  • A Client-Focused approach that involves you in every step of the process
  • A free first-time consultation
  • On-time commitment
  • Quality workmanship from our team of experienced professionals 
  • Full-service quality custom home delivery guaranteed
  • CNC Cabinet products available to give your interiors a unique touch
  • Lump-sum pricing
  • Continuous support

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Cheaper To Build A House?

According to a late 2021 report by the U.S Census Bureau, the national median sales price of existing homes was $416,900.

On the other hand, suggests that the average cost of constructing a new house in the second half of that year is approximately $379,000. This includes permits, inspections, excavations, and other related costs EXCEPT for the price of the plot on which you will build. If you consider the land cost, you’ll barely notice the difference between buying and building.

So, with that said, the best option ultimately depends on certain factors like your personal requirements, timeline, location, and the prices and availability of materials and labor.

2. How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home?

Building a custom home with existing floor plans approximately takes 6 months. But if we are to build from your floor plan or custom-building, it may take up to 1 year (at most). However, it’s noteworthy that the duration of custom home building typically depends on the size and type of house. 

3. Is It Okay To Visit My Home While It’s Under Construction?

Yes, our procedures clearly allow you to be involved in every stage of the building process. This involvement may include visiting your new home with our staff during construction. 

4. I Want To Build A Home. What Is The First Step?

You have to schedule a meeting with the contractor to discuss designs, floor plans, measurements, and the neighborhood you want to live in. This first consultation will go a long way in determining the next steps in obtaining your custom home design and executing the building project.

5. What Are The Things We Need To Consider Before Constructing A Building?

Some key factors to consider:

  • The right architect to help in the designing process
  • Understanding the project requirements
  • Having a realistic budget
  • Consider the neighborhood
  • Choosing the right contractor
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