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Home Solution That Finally Fulfills Your Cravings

One good thing about Clifton is not just its proximity to Washington DC but also that the small fascinating town boasts interesting neighborhoods you’d surely want to explore, whether as a tourist, a tenant, or a homeowner.

Take, for instance, the historic downtown, local shops, tasty restaurants, scenic hiking, and the closest winery to Washington DC. With a population of 300+ inhabitants, you will also enjoy some degree of calmness and tranquillity living in the community.

Whether you are moving to your new home in Clifton with your family, or you intend to renovate or remodel your existing home in the neighborhood, Luka Builders is one of the best Clifton custom home builders you should entrust with your project. We are dedicated to delivering you that perfectly tailored, quality housing solution that satisfies your cravings in all aspects while ensuring you don’t break the bank to make this happen.

What Makes Luka Builders Special Amongst Clifton Custom Design Home Builders?

Our uniqueness is embedded in our ability to transform your dream into reality by building that custom home that completely meets your demands. With Luka Builders, you can rest assured that you are working not just with a reliable contractor but also with an expert who understands your specific needs and has the craftsmanship to achieve them.

Here are some aspects of our services that make us stand out from many custom home builders in Clifton:

You Consult Us; We Collaborate

Our FREE first-time consultation is an opportunity for you to meet us, explore our operational strategies, and find out what we can do to help you achieve your goal. But that’s not all, because the series of consultations will also allow us to know you on a personal level, know your family, and understand your housing needs and desires.

Working with Luka Builders doesn’t only allow you to talk with one of the experts as far as custom design home builders Clifton VA are concerned: You’ll also have the chance to have a direct conversation with the company owners (a husband and wife) who surely understand what’s best for your family. Besides, our team of experts will always be available to collaborate with you on a personal level to achieve your specific desires.  

When you decide to have us design and build your New Custom Home in Clifton, VA, we strike a design retainer contract agreement. This is the stage where you can showcase your inspiration by providing us with photographs of friends’ homes, clip-outs of magazines, social media posts, internet imagery, or even drawings of your desired features. Presenting such materials to us will give us an insight into your dream home and the ideal budget range. We would work off the same canvas to ensure that as we progress towards a final product, we are achieving exactly what you had envisioned.

Our Interior And Architectural Design Process

With Luka Builders, you need not break the bank in search of a professional interior designer. Our interior design service is up there with the very best custom design home builders Clifton VA, thanks to our dedicated team of interior designers whose combined experience and expertise can see through any size, budget, and specification of your project.

On a floor-by-floor basis, we prepare designs, details, measurements, and layouts on items like cabinetry, closets, doorways, ceilings, etc. And together we’ll carry out excellent finishing touches to establish that ‘dream’ in your dream home.  

The value we offer you is simple: unlike many custom home builders in Clifton VA, our one-stop-shop services guarantee that you get exactly what you want from the get-go of your project right to the completion.

This integration of architectural and interior design is an extra but important service we can offer that only a few other custom home builders in Clifton VA can provide.  Our primary goal in delivering these integrated services is to simplify things by minimizing duplication of services or having unnecessary RE-DOs during construction.

Our Final Design

This is the stage where we work together with you to arrive at your final selections. We’ll also finalize the details and designs, estimate your project, and develop a feasible budget. The next thing will be to create a timeline from this point going forward right to the day we’ll be handing you the keys to your new home.

The whole package — including the architecture, designs, engineering, details, and selections — results in the Construction Addendum Contract Agreement that we (together with you) will evaluate, authorize and happily uphold together.  Our lump sum contract model is straightforward and requires less paperwork, management, and accounting, thereby decreasing administrative costs.

Our Construction Process

We begin construction after all the preliminaries have been sorted. Our construction principal will coordinate and schedule all the details of your new home project, collaborating with the architect and engineers to implement each day’s work

Your project will be constantly monitored to guarantee security throughout the entire construction phase. Our dedicated site manager will be responsible for all materials, coordinate the resources, and ensure smooth communication flow among site workers. Besides, various supervisory personnel will always be available and will meet with you to provide updates on our progress and answer any questions you may have.

We love to keep our sites clean and orderly any time, any day for safety and security reasons.  And our construction principal will visit and walk the site to discuss key issues and direct our subcontractors and managers when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we need an architect for our plans?

It totally depends on your requirements and budget. We suggest you consult an expert and communicate your ideas to them. This will help them understand your specific needs and tell exactly how an architect can help you achieve them. By the end of the meeting, it should be clear to you whether or not the services of an architect are required for your custom project.

For new a contruction project, YES you will need an architect and an engenier, and we can help you find them. For small renoavtions, an engineer may or may not be necessary as it depends on the complexity and details of the project.

2. How long have you been building custom homes?

We have been in the construction business for over 10 years and have completed hundreds of custom home projects for our clients in Northern Virginia, especially in neighborhoods like McLean, Arlington, and Clifton. Hence, if you are looking for experienced, long-standing custom design home builders Clifton VA, CDB is the right place to be.

3. Apart from custom home building, what other services do you offer?

CDB is one of the best custom home builders in Clifton you can trust to provide you with one-stop-shop services, from interior design, kitchen remodels or renovation, and cabinet products to construction consultancy, project management, engineering services, and so on.

Luka Builders