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Home Solution that Ultimately Satisfies Your Cravings

Northern Virginia has lots of beautiful neighborhoods you can live and work in, but McLean is a place you’d surely want to settle in with your household. With up to 24,103 housing units in McLean, you will surely find a suitable place for you and your family.

Luka Builders is one of the most illustrious custom home builders in McLean, VA. Having operated in the construction industry for over 10 years and located in the heart of the community, Luka Builders has the experience and creativity to provide you with a home solution that ultimately satisfies your cravings.

Why Choose Us As Your Trusted Custom Home Builder, McLean Virginia?

Whether you are inspired by neoclassical monuments or you prefer modern building styles, Luka Builders has it all covered. We acknowledge the present challenges of the evolving market and will help you identify the best housing options at highly competitive rates.

We can either work with you to design and construct your new home or remodel or renovate the existing ones. Either way, by choosing Luka Builders, you have access to highly experienced teams of designers, architects, and project managers that will ensure your new house will be a dependable home for many years to come.

Some factors that set us apart from other custom home builders in McLean, VA are as follows:

Building your new custom home in McLean doesn’t have to be all about the contractor. We understand how important your inputs and validations are towards achieving that end product that represents your dream home. That’s why we involve you right from the planning and design phase to the execution and completion phase.

It’s perfectly normal to get stuck at some point while articulating that vision you’ve already had. At Luka Builders, you get to work directly with our company owners (a husband and wife) who understand what being a supportive family means. Besides, our team of expert designers, architects, and project managers is one call away to render any related support you may need —  from day one right through the day you move into your new home.

Your number doesn’t matter to us. Instead, transforming your dream into a tangible housing project is our greatest motivation. Whether you want to build a 5000 sq. ft. home based on one of our floor plans or a  well-detailed custom-drawn 10,000 sq. ft. home, everyone is treated equally at Luka Builders. Each home is a priority: No client or home is more important than the other. Our attention and support are equally distributed and ever sufficient for all.

You can save thousands of dollars that many custom home builders in McLean charge with our free architectural changes. We welcome any modifications you might want to make to the architecture of your housing project at the initial stages. We are open to adjusting our mockup plans to suit your specifications at no additional cost. 

Whether you want to adjust an elevation on a plan or you want to use a staircase from one model in a different preferred model, we have it covered as we collaborate to ensure that your new or existing home is exactly the way you want it.

Just let us guide you through the process while reviewing and implementing our cost-saving measures each step of the way!

Custom home builders in McLean, VA are known for different pricing methods, but we understand that you need a consistent pricing format that encompasses everything including engineering, site work, permitting, and all the necessary inspections. Our lump-sum pricing at Luka Builders is a stress-free approach that ensures our clients do not go through the entire process worrying about overages.

Our main driving force is meeting your expectations, but then we end up surpassing them in most cases. With a core focus on quality delivery, our services don’t stop at the construction of your new home or fully remodeling the existing one. We also carry out kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation services and provide you with quality cabinet products you can trust to satisfy your aesthetic and functional cravings while standing the test of time.

Our customers are more like our family. This is evident in the way we prioritize everyone and ensure their demands are 100% met. Our seamless procedures coupled with our continuous support during and after the project have attracted lots of positive feedback from our customers in McLean and other neighboring communities in Northern Virginia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s So Good About Owning A Home In McLean?

If you are looking for custom home builders in McLean Virginia, consider some of these advantages you stand to enjoy as a homeowner in the neighborhood:

  • McLean is home to several government agencies, businesses and business owners, diplomats, high-ranking government officials, and members of Congress
  • Tenth biggest school division in the U.S.
  • Fascinating and eclectic suburb with proximity to Washington, DC (located about 10 miles west of Washington)
  • Adults and children enjoy year-round events at the McLean Community Center, including lectures, specialized classes camps, study tours, theater performances, and art exhibits
  • Luxurious homes, high-end shopping centers, and upscale communities

2. How Much To Build A Custom House In McLean?

The average construction cost of a new CUSTOM house in Northern Virginia ranges from $150 to $330 per square foot (not including the cost of land or site work). However, custom home builders might charge higher or lower, depending on your preferred construction grade.

3. Who is the best quality home builder?

CDB remains your most trusted custom home builder in McLean, Virginia. Our easy, inclusive procedures and enthusiasm to match and surpass your expectations in delivering your dream home are simply unmatched.

Luka Builders