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Interior Design

Experience new styles for your spaces


Do you want to try new styles for your spaces but still don’t want to start breaking anything or hiring workers?

We specialize in helping you bring your ideas to life by using 3D sampling to help you make all the decisions and cover all those small details before starting your project.

If you are weighing your options about trying out some new styles for your interior spaces but don’t want to carry out major renovation works, chances are you need interior designer services. 

At LUKA BUILDERS, our goal is to help you bring your interior design ideas to life. We typically use 3D sampling to ensure all your decisions, preferences, and overall demands are fully represented before kicking off your project.

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LUKA BUILDERS Interior Design Services 

The diverse roles of an interior designer are centered on striking a balance between understanding the client’s preferences and providing accurate, professional suggestions for the development and execution of interior design projects. Of course, these professional suggestions are NOT meant to replace your inputs, but will further enhance your original ideas, thereby retaining the essence of your unique touch.

We understand how important it is for you to achieve something that reflects your unique reality when it comes to your home’s interior design. That’s why we provide initial design concepts and space planning proposals, including specifications of materials and products. This will help us guarantee that you are completely satisfied with key decisions before the project kicks off.

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How Does LUKA BUILDERS Make Things Easier?

Some roles we play to ensure free-flowing project execution from the get-go to the completion include the following:

  • Giving suggestions on the interior layout of a space and proposing reconfigurations
  • Developing 2D or 3D interior design plans, mood boards, drawings, and project visualizations
  • Acts as a point of contact for construction contractors on the field, while also consulting with architects, engineers, and trade specialists
  • Procuring and organizing the considered selection of fixtures, fittings, and furniture required for the project implementation
  • Ensuring that the supply/delivery schedules are adhered to by coordinating purchase orders for all the required materials.

Providing Interior Design Services: What Does It Take?

The minimum responsibility of a professional interior designer is to determine the space and safety performance of the interiors. They also provide plans to demonstrate the recommended layout for the clients to review and ascertain if it meets their demands before the designer can begin the project. This is what we call a design scheme. 

The interior designer should also ensure to include the list of materials required to obtain this design scheme, which may include the CAD drawings. Once the scheme gets the approval of the client, the next step is for the designer to create specification schedules which the client must approve before declaring a “design freeze.”

Some professional interior designers also play the role of a Project Manager by instructing the contractor and specialists. This is typically a different role from interior design and should not be misconstrued as part of a designer’s role. However, it is an added advantage if an interior designer is also skilled in project management since it complements their core skill, making it easier for them to deliver on your project to the best effect.

Most importantly, Interior Designers should be able to plan the space to ensure safe movement and maximize the function and purpose of the space. A competent designer should also take the heat, airflow, extraction, electrical, and plumbing regulations into consideration.

Notable Distinctions In The Interior Design Service

There are lots of terms the media use interchangeably with interior design which we will try to clarify in terms of “WHAT THEY DO”. Take, for instance, an architect or an interior decorator. 

While an architect designs the appearance, shape, structure, and function of an ENTIRE building to be legally compliant and safe, the interior designer is basically responsible for the layout of the INTERNAL space within a structure.

On the other hand, interior decorators provide styling services by making the internal spaces more aesthetically pleasing using various adornment objects and items ONLY AFTER the interior design is completed. In other words, the work of an interior decorator begins where that of an interior designer stops. A decorator, unlike a designer, does not offer advice on spaces and structural reconfigurations. They typically do not require any knowledge of regulations, compliance, or building codes.

The Impacts Of An Interior Design And Why You Need The Right Professional

The choice, decision, and methodology of an interior designer can directly impact the safety and the overall well-being of those who will occupy the space. That’s why the advice provided by any professional must be accurate and verifiable.

Inappropriate specifications and erroneous advice may result in the breach of local laws, generate delays, incur additional costs on your budget, and ultimately increase your risk level.

Fortunately, at LUKA BUILDERS, your safety and welfare are our priority. And since our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our clients, we are dedicated to providing expert advice and services that meet not just your demands but also the industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Included In Interior Design Services?

At LUKA BUILDERS, some top aspects of our full-service interior design service include the following:

  • Architectural drawings and details
  • Space planning and interior architecture
  • Plans for floor construction and elevations
  • Interaction with contractors, architects, and engineers
  • Selection of home accessories and furniture
  • Consultation for color palette
  • Concierge purchasing management 
  • Budget planning
  • Delivery and installation

2. Do Interior Designers Provide Furniture?

The average interior designer only caters to the designing works, but some others also assist you in picking your furniture and decors. At LUKA BUILDERS, we go as far as providing our clients with cabinet products to make the most of their bathroom and kitchen spaces.

3. What Is The First Step In Interior Design?

The first phase of the interior designing process, in most cases, is to understand the space and its requirements and know exactly what the client wants to achieve with the said space.

4. What Steps To Get Online Interior Design Services?

First, visit the website of a reputable online interior design service provider. Secondly, get your free consultation with one of the professionals, after which you can start collaborating with the contractor during the planning phase of your interior design project.

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