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Do you love your place but feel like you could use some spaces in your house more wisely? Or maybe remove an old construction to make more room for something that would provide you a better life experience? Then you have come to the right place.

From moving walls, amplifying spaces, and making a full remodeling of your house or business to match that new amazing style that has been in the back of your mind for a good while, and now it’s time to make it happen.

Luka Builders is a premier contractor that specializes in construction services. We are headquartered in Northern Virginia and have amassed over 20 years of combined experience.

Our services include home renovation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, cabinet products, and most importantly building new custom homes throughout Northern VA, including Mclean, Vienna, Arlington, Clifton, etc.

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Luka Builders Construction Services, Northern Virginia

We understand the construction business from the clients’ perspective. Thus, with a strong passion for satisfying their needs, we render the following services:

  • Custom home building
  • Home renovation
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodeling
  • Interior Design
  • Cabinets Product

If you’ve always lived in a rented apartment, you must have dreamed about owning your own home — a haven where you can relax and feel at peace with your family. You must have envisioned having a home that is customized to your taste to ensure both harmony and comfort in your household. Well, at Luka Builders, we have the professionalism, creativity, and ambition to make these dreams come true. 

How exactly?

It’s simple: based on your feedback, we will identify your tastes and preferences, and gather all it takes to transform your dream into a tangible project that is specially designed for you. 

Our professional support is always available during each step of the project from designing your house plan to its execution and completion. Of course, we pay close attention to all the specific details that reflect your personal touch, thereby making the whole process a unique experience. 

With you in every step of the way, we will get the initial approval for the 2D plans, then implement the digital 3D samples of your facades. This will help you choose, test, and have a preview of how the colors, materials, and design would come off in real life. We will also create the 3D design of relevant interiors.

With that said, all you need to do to achieve your ideal custom home is share that dream with us at Luka Builders, and rest assured that we’d make it happen, thanks to our outstanding team of professionals who are not just dedicated to rendering quality construction services but are also motivated to build strong relationships with our satisfied clients and families across Northern Virginia.

Living in a house for many years typically makes you feel bored at some point. Especially when you get to see the same structure, same painting, same interior decoration, and same bathroom and kitchen cabinets every day of your life. Apart from the wear and tear associated with aging, some aspects of your home may go out of fashion with time.

If you live in such a space that doesn’t feel right, doesn’t accomplish its intended purpose, is out of style, or simply no longer meets your aesthetic demands, then you may need a little tweak that comes in the form of a remodel or renovation.

Our home renovation and remodeling services include,

  • Bathroom 
  • Kitchen 
  • Basement renovation 
  • Special spaces improvement 
  • Whole-home remodel
  • General home improvement services
  • We also build home offices and integrate other necessary utility rooms into your home

We provide 360 construction services that involve all the processes, ranging from checking the present status of the space, understanding your unique requirements, and developing a 3D sample of how we can transform your home into a space that will completely satisfy your cravings.

We also ensure you get all the required permissions from the county and handle all your permit processes.

Your only duty, once again, is to share your dream with us and watch us transform it into reality.

Interior designing is an art that requires lots of craftsmanship, technicality, and professionalism to envision, build, and achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for you. That’s why this is NOT a task you can readily DIY with little or no experience.

Ever found yourself wanting to improve the interiors of your living space but not wanting to break down any part? Well, chances are you need interior design services!

At Luka Builders, we plan, research, coordinate, and manage your interior designs to ensure that your house is transformed into a home you can proudly come back to after each stressful day.

With our 3D sampling, we will help you bring your ideas to life and ensure you are fully in charge of certain key decisions based on your preferences, taste, and likes. We will provide you with suggestions to further enhance your original ideas, and also confirm that even the smallest details are covered before initiating your project.

One advantage of designing your interiors first is that it goes a long way to eliminate uncertainties during the planning process since you get to make your decisions early when it comes to your preferred style, design, materials, and furnishing.

This will not only give you a clear idea of what you want to achieve but will also help you prevent unexpected additional costs on your budget.

If there is anything that can accentuate the beauty and style of those special spaces in your home, it’s surely the cabinet. Matter of fact, the quality of your cabinetry goes a long way in determining the overall outcome of your interior design and remodeling project. Sadly, not all cabinet products live up to their promise, which is why you have to choose your supplier carefully.

With CNC cabinets, which are all made in the USA, you can be sure you are getting the real deal when it comes to superior, flexible, and functional kitchen cabinets. Thus, it becomes much easier to make the most of your kitchen, bathroom, and every other space that makes you feel at home, by improving the storage capacity. You are going to love the CNC brand for its flexibility, user-friendliness, stylishness, and superior quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should I Ask A Contractor When Building A House?

Here are some of the first questions to ask any contractor that offers construction services in Northern Virginia to ensure they meet key industry standards:

  • Which types of insurance are attached to your business?
  • Are you institutionally licensed for this line of work? 
  • How many building permits have you successfully acquired in my neighborhood over the last 24 months? 
  • Can you offer me a list of references?
  • What is the expected duration for this project?
  • What strategy of supervision do you adopt?
  • Will you employ subcontractors for the job?
  • Do you have any written warranty?

2. Do subcontractors who offer construction services in Northern Virginia need licenses?

Yes. Any individual or entity handling or managing a construction project, including remodeling or renovation valued above $1,000 needs a license.

3. What can a Class-A contractor do in Virginia?

A Class A contractor in Northern Virginia can manage a wide range of construction services, ranging from removal and repair to general improvements like renovation and remodeling, and even a full home construction as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The total value of the single contract or project is $120,000 or above.
  • The total value of all such constructions, repairs, removal, or improvements carried out by such an entity within twelve months is $750,000 or above.
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